Artist’s word on nature’s attraction

Minsk’s Modern Fine Arts Museum hosts Francoise Limouzy’s Water and Rock exhibition

By Alina Grishkovets

The exhibition showcases about 70 pieces in ink and acrylic paint, on canvas and paper. Ms. Limouzy’s works have been inspired by her trips around the globe and have already been exhibited in Belarus: in Vitebsk in March and in Gomel in May.
Francoise Limouzy was born in July 1957. After studying the history of art and drama, she began her career as a theatre comedy actress (primarily in Paris), to which she devoted the next 12 years of her life. Afterwards, Ms. Limouzy left Paris to travel. Impressions from her trips are reflected in her paintings. At present, she lives in Paris, where she teaches yoga, and in the south of France, where she was born.

Ms. Limouzy stresses that she doesn’t belong to any academic school but is ‘enthralled by the curious and mysterious process of contemplation, allured by the sensuous, charming power of nature’. She tells us, “I have a close relationship with colour and form and, being confident, my brushes become weapons of creativity. I first used watercolour and pastel techniques before shifting to acrylic paints and ink — using big brushes. I can draw sitting, standing or kneeling, with a big sheet of paper in front of me on the ground, grass or in the kitchen. I’m interested in traditions and always listen to advice — given to me by life itself. I use water to draw, sometimes rainwater, since it’s a pleasure for me to be closely connected with natural elements. I need to ‘dissolve’ colour, making it more transparent and easier to use. I want to make it flow, illuminate and mix, while playing with its intensity. If I’m in the countryside, I usually leave my works to dry in the sun.”

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