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Army ardour strengthens spirit

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko familiarises himself with combat training of 5th independent special mission brigade of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces
By Veniamin Mishin

The Head of State received reports on tasks and combat opportunities of the brigade, the state and prospects of the development of armament, military and special technique for special operations forces, as well as communications, diving gear and equipment.

A state programme recently paid to re-equip special operations forces units, with new vehicles coming into operation: cross-country MAZ trucks made in Belarus, and lightly armoured cross-country Bogatyr vehicles. They also received the latest small arms and ammunition, steerable parachutes, mountaineering and diving equipment and devices for signals intelligence.

The President then visited a military camp, where the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Belarus reported on the current state of training and living conditions and made suggestions for improvement. According to the state programme, utility lines and networks have been completely replaced in the military camp, with the improvement of the camp’s territory finished and more than 60 facilities upgraded.

The Council of Ministers has adopted the next state programme for 2014-2018, creating optimum conditions for billeting of troops and providing for training and equipment of our forces.

President Lukashenko believes that the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus play a vital role, emphasising, “We may not need so many mechanised units. Such special operations forces may represent a prospect for Belarus.” He has demanded that every camp operate in the manner in which he has been shown during his tour. “I want to ensure that this was not just a showcase event!” he proclaimed. Moreover, a good microclimate should be maintained in army units, and the harassment of younger fellow soldiers will not be tolerated. Mr. Lukashenko believes that army training can transform the younger generation, allowing them to take special skills into civilian life. “We could use these young people,” said the Head of State. “They should not get lost. They should occupy a decent place in civilian life.”
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