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Belarus to assist Sudan in exploring oil deposits, with Sudanese side expressing its interest at the business forum in Minsk

Areas of common interest between two states found

Belarus to assist Sudan in exploring oil deposits, with Sudanese side expressing its interest at the business forum in Minsk

During the forum session

According to the Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mikhail Myatlikov, at present, the choice of Belarusian products exported to Sudan is limited. The exports primarily cover agricultural machines, tyres, and optical goods. “Alongside trade, our Sudanese partners are interested in geological exploration primarily in the field of oil extraction, and in co-operation in the sphere of agricultural machine building. Belarusian companies — both state-run and privately owned — are also ready for interaction,” noted Mr, Myatlikov.

The Sudanese side is keen to set up an enterprise to assemble MTZ tractors. Moreover, Sudan has an interest in buying MAZ and Gomselmash vehicles. The promising avenues of co-operation also include light industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Sudan is interested in buying Belarusian medications and medical equipment. The possibility of improving the qualification of Sudanese doctors in Belarus is also being discussed.

In total, the Belarusian-Sudanese business forum focused on co-operation opportunities and the implementation of joint projects in the sphere of extraction, transportation and sales of oil products, construction and design, the production of ferro-concrete goods, steel structures, transport and logistics, consulting services, agriculture and agricultural machine building, food production, as well as sales of various machines and equipment.

Belarus is also ready to assist Sudan in constructing infrastructure and developing nuclear engineering. This was noted by Belarus’ Energy Minister, Vladimir Potupchik, after the session of the Belarusian-Sudanese Joint Commission on Co-operation in Minsk.

“As far as energy is concerned, we’ve agreed that we’ll do everything we can to provide assistance to our Sudanese partners in training personnel in the sector. We’re also ready to take part in Sudan’s infrastructure development projects, using the potential of our construction and assembling companies and design institutes,” notes Mr. Potupchik.

The Energy Minister explained that Belarus is ready to share its experience in the development of the nuclear power programme. “We’re open for co-operation in this area and the issue was discussed at the meeting in the Energy Ministry,” he adds.

Moreover, promising projects between Belarus and Sudan were also discussed at a meeting in Belneftekhim Concern. According to Mr. Potupchik, the parties have agreed to study the opportunities to expand co-operation in the oil industry.

The Sudanese Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Mohamed Zayid Awad, praised the results of the visit to Belarus. In his words, a contract for the supply of 13 MAZ trucks to Sudan was signed in Minsk. There is also an interest in purchasing Belarusian agricultural equipment.

“The current visit should open new areas for collaboration. We’re confident that private business will play an important role in implementing the agreements signed with Belarus. Liaisons in healthcare, oil and gas, and the banking sector are viewed as promising,” notes Mohamed Zayid Awad.

A number of documents were signed at the end of the meeting of the Belarusian-Sudanese Joint Commission on Co-operation in Minsk, including an inter-governmental agreement on science and technology, memorandums of understanding on co-operation in agriculture and industry.

By Alexander Pimenov
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