Architecture to achieve new heights

Minsk’s largest hotel — 22 storey Belarus — closes for reconstruction in April

By Vladimir Stepanov

In late January, builders began work on one of the hotel’s three wings and, on April 1st, the three star hotel (able to accommodate over 900 guests) will close. Minotel JSC’s General Director, Vladimir Stashkevich, notes that the revamped Belarus Hotel will open once more to visitors in the second half of 2013. “It is a unique building in the country, for its space and engineering solutions,” he explains.

After reconstruction, the hotel will gain 8m in height, allowing two more floors to be added, one of them hosting a restaurant for 100. The Belarus Hotel is known for having wonderful views over the capital, so its roof is to be converted to allow visitors to take a panoramic lift to its lofty position, allowing observation. Its facade is to be decorated with modern materials, while a glass dome is being installed. Visitors to Minsk’s World Hockey Championship in 2014 are sure to enjoy it.

The hotel’s 400 staff will be made temporarily redundant, but Minotel hopes to re-employ them elsewhere, being reluctant to lose its well-qualified and friendly employees.

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