Approved formula of responsibility for youth

Minsk has hosted an open debate, Youth and Elections: Formula of Responsibility, on the eve of the important political event

Minsk has hosted an open debate, Youth and Elections: Formula of Responsibility, on the eve of the important political event

During the forum

Over 100 people from all regions of the country came to take part in the discussion, being keen to learn about the role of observers, whether it will be possible to monitor the elections via web-cameras installed at polling stations in the near future, and what are the qualities of an ideal deputy. The participants of the forum included members of regional and district electoral commissions, heads of regional headquarters and national observers. Much was also said about whether young candidates are able to bring tangible benefits to the state. Though they don’t have so much experience, they know exactly what youth needs and are able to think creatively. It has been calculated that this year, around 10 percent of registered candidates are those aged under 31. The First Secretary of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, Andrey Belyakov, points out that this is not insignificant, “We’ll be working hard to inspire youngsters to prove their worth more and more actively with each year and to bring benefit to their country.” The First Rector of the Academy of Public Administration (under the aegis of the President of Belarus), Alexander Ivanovsky, also believes that youngsters can and should take part in the elections, since it’s a perfect opportunity to participate in a political campaign.

Alexander Shatko, the Deputy Chairman of Belaya Rus Association, who was once a deputy of the House of Representatives, asked the audience what criteria they will be using when making their choice. Some rate professional experience: those who have already done something significant will make good deputies. Others will listen to their heart, giving their support to a good person who will inspire by their moral choices and show some charisma.

Mr. Ivanovsky advised that they listen to each candidate and analyse pre-election promises, “They are often similar among people from different regions. I believe that a candidate should see what others haven’t seen and raise important issues rather than simply copying someone else’s programme.”

By Yelena Talalaeva
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