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The State Customs Committee of Belarus opened a call centre

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The State Customs Committee of Belarus opened a call centre
By Victor Mikheev

The State Customs Committee of Belarus opened a call centre that will work round the clock informing individuals and businesses about the procedures involved in the transportation of commodities and vehicles across the customs border of the Customs Union for the duration of the Ice Hockey World Championship

This piece of news was revealed by Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee, Sergey Borisyuk. For the duration of the championship, designated officers will be available 24/7 for the sake of resolving any issues involved in the crossing of the state border in a promptly and comprehensive manner. “The officers have access to video surveillance systems at automobile border checkpoints, and to the relevant Internet resources that can be used to assess the situation in bordering territories, too,” noted Mr. Borisyuk.

He also remarked that every automobile border checkpoint has about 50 video cameras. The video data is sent in real time to the customs service operations centre where the call centre officers process it. “The video surveillance system is an auxiliary instrument used to verify the actions of customs personnel. The data can be used to control and forecast the development of the situation,” he added.

Call centre officers speak several foreign languages (English, German, and French), have mastery of the legislation and have access to information phones and materials. The hotline +375-17-219-41-00 offers consultations regarding customs laws 24/7. Anyone, who arrives in Belarus by road, by rail or by air can contact the call centre.
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