Another high status for Sergey Rabchenko

Belarusian professional boxer defends European championship title at Manchester Arena in 12 round match against French Cйdric Vitu and claims vacant WBC silver belt
By Igor Grishin

“I grew exhausted, having trained for around four months. Usually, you need far less than 12 bouts to claim a win but my match was moved from the 4th to 24th November, which brought three more weeks of intensive training. Of course, this influenced my condition but the result is evident. I hope that I’ll soon have the WBC gold belt in my collection.”

He admits that the match brings not only a title and belt but experience. “This was valuable in showing me how to continue for 12 rounds — something I’ve only endured once before. I usually finish much earlier, in the sixth round at most. The meeting in Manchester has shown me that I need to double my efforts.”

Sergey Rabchenko won his first European championship title on June 16th, 2012, after defeating five-time British champion and twice European champion, Ryan Rhodes, in seven rounds. Since then, he has trained hard to defend his title, coached by world boxing star Ricky Hatton: his promoter for over a year. Mr. Hatton initially spotted Sergey’s great talent and potential. Rabchenko remains unbeaten in the professional ring, boasting 22 victories (with 16 knock-outs).
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