Annual poll on business climate reflects positive mood

Belarus received high estimations from German investors from the point of view of political stability

German investors appreciate Belarus’ political stability
By Veniamin Mikheev

German investors appreciate Belarus’ political stability

Belarus received high estimations from German investors from the point of view of political stability. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Belarus, H.E. Mr. Wolfram Maas, said this to journalists at the presentation of the poll Business Climate in Belarus-2014. The diplomat noted that, during the estimation of the qualitative factors of the business climate in Belarus in 2014, the representatives of the German companies had allocated the factor of political stability in the country.

Henkel-Bautechnik-enterprise.jpgThe annual poll about the condition of the business climate in Belarus was held by Representation of German economy in Minsk for the third time, since 2012. Such polls have been held by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the German Chambers of Commerce (AHK) in Central and Eastern Europe for 20 years, and they contribute to the information exchange between the enterprises that operate in these regions. The aim of the poll is the comparative analysis of conditions of realisation of economic, foreign economic and investment activities in various countries which reflects their own estimations of enterprises regardless of macroeconomic figures and official statistics data. Following the results of these polls, potential investors who consider this or that country as a possible economic or investment partner, have the possibility to receive a fuller and authentic representation about the conditions of doing business in the country, considering opinions and estimations of the respondents — German firms already operating in the region.

According to the Ambassador, the poll does not pretend to be universal, but nevertheless its results provide interesting economic information. “Results of the business climate poll are of great importance for the mutual relations of Germany and Belarus,” the Ambassador said.

The diplomat also noted that Germany is already an important partner for Belarus, and that trade and economic relations in which investments play large role, are constantly developing. The German enterprises are absolutely independent in the formation of their views about the economy of other countries and are independent in their decision-making concerning investments. “There is no practice of intervention of the government in the economic activities of the companies, and they themselves make decisions into what countries to invest. On this background, business climate polls represent great interest, after all, the increase in investment from Germany to Belarus would be rather mutually valuable,” the Ambassador stated. The representation of the German economy working in Belarus carries big work on the attraction of German investments.

Wolfram Maas also paid attention to that fact that if the poll results in other countries, including in Belarus, did not find extended coverage in daily German editions, they were still a subject of great interest in the branch press, and the estimation of business climate is perceived seriously in German society.

The Ambassador noted that the Belarusian business climate, according to the estimations of German companies, has risen in comparison with other countries. At the same time he considers, “In order to keep competitiveness, it is necessary to make further efforts. And I wish great success in this direction.”
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