Animation and multiplication attract directors’ attention

The Director of Animation at National Film Studio Belarusfilm, Igor Galinovsky, tells us that six films are being released this year, with five being short cartoons: A Fish Called ‘Forbidden’-4 by Alexander Lenkin, About a Girl Called Zhenya-3 by Tatiana Zhitkovskaya, Little Mouse by Vladimir Petkevich, Tales of the Old Piano — Chopin by Irina Kodyukova, and Roaster from the Well by Irina Tarasova
By Dmitry Pekhotin

In February, work will begin on Belarus’ first full-length animated film: Nesterka’s Adventures. Igor Volchek’s work will premiere at Minsk’s House of Cinema on March 25th.

Another six projects are in the pipeline: Lark’s Song by Tatiana Kublitskaya, Rodno-carpiccioso of Igor Volchek, A Fish Called ‘Forbidden’-5 by Alexander Lenkin, About the Ox by Yevgeny Nadtochy, Piggie by Vladimir Petkevich, and A Bygone Tale-6 (Mikhail Tumelya, Yevgeny Nadtochy, Natalia Kostyuchenko, Tatiana Kublitskaya Alexander Lenkin, Ksenia Maryanova and Olga Ptichkina).

In 2012, Belarusfilm released nine animated films.
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