Ancient traditions given second life

Ursula Radziwill Theatre Forum takes place in Belarus’ cultural capital for 2012 — Nesvizh – for the first time

The Forum presented performances connected with the history of the famous magnate family Radziwill. In the mid-18th century, the country’s first court theatre appeared at Nesvizh Castle, existing for 70 years. Now, its glorious traditions are being resurrected by the Ursula Radziwill Theatre (of the Nesvizh District Centre of Culture and Leisure).

This year, cycles of concerts of Belarusian ancient music will be no less bright events in Nesvizh’s cultural life, alongside performances by entrants of the Vladimir Spivakov and Yuri Bashmet international festivals. The Nights of the Bolshoi Theatre at Radziwill Castle Festival of Opera and Ballet Art is being held, in addition to the 17th Muses of Nesvizh holiday of arts. There will be a night of museums at the Radziwill Palace and a concert from the Golden Collection of Belarusian Song cycle.

A UNESCO international seminar is planned for the first time, involving leading experts in protecting global historical and cultural heritage. Many more events are planned for Nesvizh, with the official opening of the 16th-18th century palace and park estate to visitors being the major focus.

During an official ceremony which launched Nesvizh as this year’s cultural capital, the city was presented with a certificate and a symbol marking its cultural status. The ceremony at the Town Hall was attended by the Belarusian Khoroshki State Dance Company, Pastoral ancient Belarusian music ensemble (from the Dzerzhinsk Children’s School of Arts) and the Ursula Radziwill Theatre.

On the same day, the theatre hall of the Radziwill Palace hosted a concert of opera art, entitled Musical Treasures of Nesvizh. Moreover, the district central library hosted a presentation of books, entitled Nesvizh — Echo of Times, while a concert of leading artistic bands and performers of Belarus took place at the Nesvizh District Centre of Culture and Leisure. Amateur bands from the Minsk Region and Nesvizh District also performed.

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