Ancient giants appear on pedestal

Unusual monument for Kalinkovichi city park

By Nikolay Zhdanov

A monument has been unveiled to a legend of the local woods: two ancient oak tree stumps, each around 2m in diameter. They have long been a district attraction, nicknamed Tsar and Tsarina by locals. The oaks began growing from acorns over 500 years ago, not far from the village of Velikie Avtyuki. They are the silent witnesses of the foundation of the settlement, which recently celebrated its 450th anniversary.

In 1963, the uniqueness of local flora sites was recognised at state level, with the gigantic oaks acquiring the status of natural treasures of national importance. However, although the trees have survived the flames of war and revolution, as well as storms and other natural cataclysms, recently, as if by agreement, they fell.

Kalinkovichi residents decided to revive them by turning this natural miracle into a monument. Specialists from Kalinkovichi Furniture Factory covered part of the trunks with a special solution, preventing rot, while employees from Kommunalnik Kalinkovichsky enterprise installed them on a pedestal. ‘Time passes, yet eternity is unchangeable’ is inscribed on the monument’s iron plaque.

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