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An illustrative example

Belarus is among the top three countries regarding experience in forest management, according to Greenpeace Russia’s poll of around 800 respondents

By Tatiana Lobasnova

First place is occupied by Finland (16 percent of respondents spoke in favour of learning from its experience), followed by Belarus and Canada (11 percent each). Sweden was placed third (9 percent), with Germany (8 percent), the USA (7 percent) and China (4 percent) following. Next in line were Poland and Norway (3 percent each).

According to experts, Russian forest management can learn from Belarus about organisational structure and technologies. Belarusian forestries are successfully developing hunting and forest cultivation while applying nano-technologies — including micro-cloning. Belarus’ experience in preventing and fighting forest fires is also significant. Moreover, a major campaign — Forest Week — has been organised in Belarus for the last five years, under the initiative of the Belarusian Forestry Ministry. Large-scale events are held countrywide, aiming to raise public awareness of how to care for our forests, which are a national treasure.

International Forest Day is celebrated on March 21st, aiming to enhance everyone’s awareness of the importance of forest eco-systems, as well as our knowledge of how we can protect, restore and expand them.

Researchers note that Belarus is among those few states worldwide whose forest area is annually increasing. Moreover, the country is ranked among the top ten forest states of Europe (in terms of timber resources). Almost 40 percent of Belarusian territory is covered with forests, all of which are owned by the state.

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