An event in area’s life

Theatrical presentation of local history encyclopaedic directory in Belynichi involves Belarusian writers

By Sergey Kulyagin

The creative project by the editorial office of the Belynichi Zara nad Drutstsyu (Dawn over River Drut) district newspaper, took three years to prepare, comprising data on the history and modern life of the area, alongside its outstanding people. During the creation of the reference book, unique archive materials and documents were used, as well as media sources, photos and recollections of local residents.

Valery Malashko, Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, notes that the publication is a significant event for the district and the whole region, since these ‘bricks of memory’ are the foundation of our state ideology and of the high spiritual and moral values of future generations.

According to Nikolay Cherginets, the Chairman of the Union of Writers of Belarus, such projects and meetings between writers and the creative intelligentsia of the country’s regions enable us to penetrate real life, expanding our world outlook and helping us to understand the essence of life. A contemporary writer should be aware of current affairs at home and abroad, discussing today’s problems in their works and searching for solutions.

According to the editor-in-chief of the Belynichi District newspaper, Mikhail Karpechenko, the reference book will be updated as the years pass. “We’ll continue to collect materials and information, printing them in our newspaper and regularly re-publishing this edition,” he adds.

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