An attractive market

Ingot market already formed in Belarus. Thus the next stage will see development of noncash precious metals market, which is very promising to major market figures.
As we were explained in National Bank of Belarus, the ingot market shows steady growth of demand for gold, silver and platinum. Recent period saw significant growth in market turnover. Additionally, it welcomes more and more new speculators as Belarusian banks gradually acquire licenses for operations with precious metals. Besides, Belarus National Bank annulled license fee for operations with precious metals from October 1. Before this banks had to pay Euro 10 thousand. According to experts, this will make the ingot market even more attractive and interesting.

In general, speaking on international market of precious metals, experts predict further price advance. This is explained by the uncertainty of world economy. Therefore precious metals are still interesting as objects for investments.

Total volume of gold ingots sold was over 197.1kg (10388 items) in January-September of this year, which is by 64.5% higher than in same period last year. As for silver and platinum ingots, the market consumed 65.5kg (813 items) and 3.7kg (154 items) respectively.
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