Amkodor building holding structure for its companies

Company plans to complete all related formalities by end of H1 2012

By Tatiana Mikhalenko

The structure necessary for a holding is ready, as General Director Valery Kondratchik explains, “The holding is ‘de facto’ almost ready. We’re fully managing all our companies, holding control stocks and controlling everything — including financial flows. Accordingly, we’ll probably establish the holding by the end of the first half of the year.”

He notes that finances need to be transferred directly via a holding structure, without accompanying taxes. “The key is to create a powerful conglomerate, with serious basic funds and pure capital — to participate in IPO,” Mr. Kondratchik adds. Assessing the prospects of participating in IPO, Mr. Kondratchik tells us that it could become possible within 5-6 years. According to its General Director, the company’s price is too modest to make a sale viable at present but its shares should rise in value in coming years.

Not long ago, Amkodor celebrated its 85th anniversary. To date, it has manufactured over 150,000 varieties of machinery and equipment, while its designers have developed over 700 machine models. The Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Andrei Tur, has congratulated the company on its jubilee.

Amkodor JSC is among the largest producers of road-construction, communal, snow cleaning, forestry, agricultural and other machinery in the CIS and Europe. It unites 14 enterprises, with a staff of around 7,000. Every year, the company produces over 5,000 units of special machinery (of 80 models), exporting them to over 30 countries worldwide.

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