Amazing transformation

Mikhail Savitsky’s Art Gallery hosts interactive exhibition A Day in the Life of a 19th Century Provincial City. Visiting a Kobylinsky Gentleman, on November 3rd, as part of Museum Maze project
The ancient estate in Minsk (today’s M Savitsky’s Art Gallery) was built in the 18th century. It has seen not only the roar of military battle but has hosted many noble and notable owners: Count Michal Przezdziecki, pharmacist Andrey Stankevich, Mayor Leopold Delpatse and philanthropist-collector Yuri Kobylinsky.

A mysterious metamorphosis allowed the venue to be transformed for the day, transporting guests back to a couple of centuries ago. They were able to see how the old card game of solitaire was played, write their names in the visitor book with a goose-quill, play the game of jackstraw and enjoy a festive ball.

Museum Maze runs until mid-December, promoting museums and national culture via interactive cultural events. Those who attend all the events can take part in a quiz which gives them entry into a lottery for a three-day trip to Vienna, including a visit to the Museum Quarter: the largest museum and cultural complex in Europe.
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