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Modern Belarus retains legacy of Soviet school of vocational training, while building new model oriented towards private sector labour needs
It’s prestigious to study at a lyceum or college, although many of us take it for granted. Receiving praise from international figures is always pleasing though. The Head of the international non-commercial association, WorldSkills International (WSI), Simon Bartley, recently admired our high level of professional education, commenting on this during his meeting with the President.

2nd Republican contest of professional excellence — WorldSkills Belarus-2016

Belarusian educational services are popular within the CIS, since some member countries no longer operate specialised secondary schools. Our schools boast contemporary technologies, with the aim of keeping abreast of the latest global trends, as Mr. Lukashenko asserted to his guest. He added that we are modernising not only our material-technical base but our methods of teaching, with special focus on practical training. The President believes it to be essential that students become familiar with real working practices from the earliest days of study, so that they have time to change course if necessary. Meanwhile, in gaining practical experience, their skills become all the stronger. 

Mr. Bartley admires this approach and believes that Belarus can act as an example to others. We are always happy to share our experience, naturally.

Simon Bartley: Via my position as WorldSkills International President, I’ll be promoting Belarusian experience, to show neighbouring states and the world community that the standard of vocational training institutions’ graduates rivals that of university graduates. I’m convinced that Belarus’ experience is important for CIS states, and for the wider global community.

By Vladimir Khromov
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