Alternatives suggested for those with disputes

First permanent arbitration court set up in Gomel Region, allowing organisations and citizens to settle disputes
By Andrey Kolnitsky

The Gomel Regional Union of Employers, uniting the 43 largest enterprises, which employ 73,000 people, has founded the Alternative Arbitration Court. In all likelihood, members of the union will be the first to use the new mechanism.

Judges are to be selected depending on the specific nature of a dispute — from nine experienced lawyers and specialists, including those employed by member enterprises. Both sides should agree their trust in the chosen judges and agree to abide by their decision.

Lyudmila Bukhmanova, the Deputy Chair of the Gomel Regional Union of Employers, is confident that this alternative should relieve the existing burden. “It often happens that arbitration of economic disputes is easier, quicker and cheaper, as costs are lower for complainants and defendants. Of course, the court aims to reach amicable agreements.”
Arbitration courts are to be founded in the Gomel, Mozyr and Zhlobin districts.
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