Alone with wild nature

Sergey Plytkevich’s Wild Life in the Centre of Europe photo exhibition on display in Gomel

By Yelena Germanova

This is the second time that the author is presenting his works in Gomel, his Belarusian Exotics having been on show in 2004. The current event is dedicated to the release of a new photo album of the same title.

58 photos of wild animals and untouched corners of nature comprise the current exhibition, the photographer’s lens capturing bears, wolves, wild boar and birds, alongside elk. The author wanted to show that, unlike most European countries, Belarus still boasts places untouched by urbanisation.

Mr. Plytkevich spent many days alone in the countryside, searching out successful shots. To capture pictures of an eagle, he spent three days in a tree! Naturally, shooting wild animals can often be dangerous, requiring steady concentration. He built special ‘hides’ from brushwood and branches, leaving just a small hole for his camera, waiting patiently for just the right moment.

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