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Alley of Victors boasts strong roots

War veterans take part in memorial park planting in Vitebsk

By Sergey Gomonov

After the military parade at Pobedy Square, our grey-haired heroes joined the leadership of the region along the bank of the Zapadnaya Dvina River, planting trees for the Alley of Victors. Many arrived with their families. Retired Lieutenant-Colonel Ivan Pavlov brought his great grandson Denis, aged 5. At first, the boy looked about gingerly, then took a spade and began to place earth onto the roots of a young oak tree.

“I enjoy walking with my great grandfather,” he admits. “He is a hero! He often tells me about the war and planes…”
Mr. Pavlov is pleased that the alley, laid to mark the 67th anniversary of Victory Day, will please Vitebsk residents and guests of the city. The Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, Alexander Kosinets, who worked alongside the veterans, promises that a further 300 trees will be added in summer to the 17 oak trees planted so far.

“Fountains will also appear here. The alley itself, which will stretch from St. Alexander Nevsky’s Church to Pobedy Square, will symbolise the continuity of generations and our continuing victories. I’m proud that veterans have taken part in the planting of the park. They are a ‘cementing’ force in our society and their priceless heroic deeds will live through the centuries.”

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