Alexandra Gerasimenya — world champion!

In her final swim, Alexandra swam her distance in 23.64 seconds, setting a new national record. Silver went to Francesca Halsall from the UK (23.87 seconds) while bronze was awarded to Danish Jeanette Ottesen Gray (24.00 seconds)
By Dmitry Baranovsky

On her way to victory, Ms. Gerasimenya swam ever faster through each round, having led in the first round with a time of 24.27 seconds. The titled Belarusian swimmer managed to cover the same distance within 24.13 seconds in the semi-final, allowing her to qualify for the finals in first place. In the final, the UK’s Francesca Halsall was just 0.23 seconds behind.

Gerasimenya’s award was the only one claimed by the Belarusian national swimming team in Istanbul. She failed to qualify for the 50m butterfly final, being in 11th place. She qualified for the 100m medley final but came only fifth despite having broken the national record of Belarus twice in this event. Unfortunately, our other Belarusian swimmers only reached the semi-final stage.
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