Alexander Lukashenko: We will follow the chosen way, because it has brought certain positive results

A press conference of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko called at the Palace of the Republic on March 20 lasted for about three hours
A press conference of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko called at the Palace of the Republic on March 20 lasted for about three hours.

Over 500 reporters for domestic and foreign mass media took part in the event, with the foreign reporters making the majority of the reporters. As the press conference was timed to the past presidential election, it gathered about 300 international and domestic observers, heads of state bodies, representatives of public organisations and the Diplomatic Corps.

The reporters were interested in the president’s opinion of the past election campaign, actions and statements of his opponents. Questions were asked to highlight prospects of Belarus’ relations with Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China, the European Union, the United States of America, and largest international institutions. The current geopolitical situation as well as hot international policy issues were touched upon.

In his brief address to the mass media, Alexander Lukashenko stated, “The revolution much talked about and prepared has failed in Belarus. It could not have been otherwise”. In his words, the election was honest, democratic and strictly adhered to the Constitution. “Our people independently made its choice”, underscored the head of state. “It is a glowing and doubtless victory of the spirit, national dignity and self-respect of the Belarusian nation”. “Despite the blunt foreign dictate, colossal external pressure, we weren’t broken”, noted the President. Contrariwise, he added, quite the opposite effect was achieved.

Alexander Lukashenko is convinced, the Belarusian people is a nation, which cannot be ruled from the outside. It is senseless to render pressure on the nation. “The voting results evidently proved it”, he said.

The President confirmed, he is not going to break the proclaimed policy in Belarus. “There is no need for that. We will follow the chosen way, because it has brought certain positive results”, emphasised the President. “Yes, the policy will be polished and corrected. The goals are set. If we reach them and accomplish the five year programme outlined by the 3rd All-Belarus People’s Congress, you will not recognise the country. And we will surely accomplish the programme. Belarus will be a beautiful and prosperous state”.

According to information of the Central Election Commission, 83 percent of the electors voted for Alexander Lukashenko at the Belarus presidential election on March 19
Speaking about his future plans, the President noted, further development of the Union State is a strategic task while Russia is the most important partner. Alexander Lukashenko stressed, in the international arena Belarus will continue pursuing a peaceful multi-vectored foreign policy as well as building good neighbourly relations with other states. “Belarus has never threatened anyone. But we will protect our independence and national interests with all civilised means necessary”, said Alexander Lukashenko.
“We are ready for a dialogue of equals, I say, equals, with any country, including the United States and the European Union states”, noted the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko added, “We will develop our relations with the European Union leadership the way they want it. The future of the relations does not depend on us”. “We would like the European Union to accurately treat the Belarusian nation with attention and consider us a partner”, stated the President.

Alexander Lukashenko reckons, the reason behind the West’s pressure on Belarus is the latter’s being a hindrance to creating a monopolar world. “Assaults on Lukashenko cannot be explained by statements that he is a dictator or he has built an adverse state system. Americans should have a look at other countries where the state system does not meet their domestic democratic standards. The reason is Belarus broke the plans to set up an arch consisting of the Baltic States, the Black Sea region and the Caspian Sea region”.

Opponents of the multipolar world would like to “chop” Russia off Europe. “In the early days of my presidency I was offered money to give up to the idea. We did not take a cent”, underlined Alexander Lukashenko. “You remember me saying “I don’t trade in the friendship with Russia”. We tore apart the chain, we did not let the arch to close”.

Alexander Lukashenko also stated, Belarus is proud of its relations with Russia, China, India and Middle East states. In the potential, including economic potential, and the population “the countries constitute more than half of the world, almost the whole world”, the President stressed. “And Europe is the second largest trade turnover partner. It is ridiculous to talk about any prospects of Belarus getting isolated”, said the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko pointed out the good relations between Belarus and China. “Our trade turnover advances by strides”, he underlined and added that in the near future Belarus plans to increase the Belarusian-Chinese trade turnover up to $2 billion. “It will be a very big victory”, the President is convinced.

The head of state mentioned the absence of political and diplomatic problems in the Belarusian-Chinese relations. “We have similar stances in the international arena. We always feel China’s support and accordingly return the favour to the Chinese nation and the country’s leadership”, added the Belarusian leader.

Rounding off the press conference, Alexander Lukashenko noted the open and fundamental way the press conference was held.

“Never for more than 10 years I came to address mass media or the nation and tried to wriggle and lie, even when the words could damage my interests. I never shunned serious, complicated questions. I gave you honest and outspoken answers”, underscored the President.
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