Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Hugo Chбvez on his victory in Venezuelan presidential elections

President of Belarus orders Presidential Administration to enhance Belarus-Venezuela co-operation across all avenues
“I don’t know about you but I had a sleepless night because of the elections in Venezuela. I’m very happy to hear of the victory of our friend, Hugo Chбvez. I should say that he has done a great job. There are some things even we can learn from these elections. This was an undisputed victory, with the chief alternative candidate admitting his defeat; this is worth its weight in gold, as it demonstrates his dignity,” the President notes. “I think we’ll need to step up our activities in Venezuela — across all areas of co-operation. We should help Hugo Chбvez demonstrate his appreciation to the Venezuelan people. It’s a major task, with certain benefits, so the Presidential Administration should focus on this,” the Head of State adds.

The President’s congratulation to Mr. Chбvez reads: ‘People in Belarus closely watched the presidential election campaign in Venezuela. We whole-heartedly supported you and your followers and we had no doubt of your victory. We believed that the Venezuelan people would make the right choice to support the sustainable development of the country and efforts to raise standards of living. This sincere support from those who have the right to evaluate your personal contribution in building an independent, successful and prosperous state is the best testimony to your correct choice of policy, encouraging comprehensive changes to the economy and society. The rapid development of today’s Venezuela rests upon these changes’.

“Let’s do together everything possible to stop anyone from regretting their choice, believing that you are the true national leader, who prioritises public interests. We are ready for this!” Mr. Lukashenko underlines.

Mr. Lukashenko stresses that Hugo Chбvez can always rely on ‘the fraternal shoulder of Belarus in ensuring the consistent development of Venezuela in all areas: oil extraction, industry, science and agriculture’. He wishes the Venezuelan leader health, creativity and unflagging energy to continue working in the best interests of the brotherly Venezuelan nation.

A telephone conversation took place between the President of Belarus and the President of Venezuela during which Mr. Lukashenko congratulated his colleague on his convincing victory during the presidential elections. “I devote this victory to you and our Belarusian nation,” responded Hugo Chбvez, welcoming the congratulations of his friend, Alexander Lukashenko.

The Venezuelan President expressed great gratitude to the Belarusian President and to the whole Belarusian nation for its invaluable assistance in Venezuela’s socio-economic development and in helping construct major enterprises and infrastructure, as well as its constant political support. The two heads of state have agreed to meet soon, outlining a joint agenda of further bilateral relationships in various spheres of co-operation.
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