Air routes with land connections

Belavia National Airline routes considerably expanded to include almost all German cities

By Dmitry Uspensky

Passengers can now fly directly to Frankfurt-am-Main, Berlin and Hannover, with transfers to a train provided quickly and conveniently, saving money on travel.

Olga Gerasenko, from Belavia’s PR Department, explains, “Within 24 hours of arrival in Germany and 24 hours before your departure, you can use your ticket to make train transfers. There’s no restriction on which trains you can use: simply select whatever works best for you.”

A similar agreement was signed with Belgian Railways in late July. Railway routes between Amsterdam and Brussels and Amsterdam and Antwerp are to link to the Minsk-Amsterdam flight, with combined tickets perhaps introduced to other states.
Belarus is yet to construct a direct electric train connection from Minsk National Airport to the railway station in the capital and the airport still lacks the necessary volume of traffic to warrant the building of an actual railway station. It’s an issue which is likely to become more acute after the global reconstruction of the airport, scheduled for 2014.

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