Agreements reached to jointly produce tractors

Assembly of Belarusian tractors could be launched in Iraq

By Nina Overianova

The Minister for Industry and Minerals of Iraq, Ahmed al-Karboli, has announced that Belarus and Iraq are now discussing the possibility of setting up an assembly facility for Belarusian tractors in Iraq. “According to preliminary agreements, a tractor assembly enterprise could be set up in Iraq in future,” he tells us, adding that Belarusian and Iraqi experts are to discuss conditions and prospects of co-operation as part of the project.

The Iraqi delegation visited the Minsk Tractor Works, viewing its operation and conditions for tractor making. “This is the first step towards co-operation,” stressed Ahmed al-Karboli, expressing his hope that the visit would inspire other ministries from Iraq to come to Belarus, while promoting bilateral collaboration. Mr. al-Karboli notes that Belarus and Iraq have agreed to set up a commission for trade and economic co-operation.

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