An unmanned aircraft is the best proof of presence of high technology in the country
Local residents first picked the little dot spinning in the sky around airfield in Molodechno, for a UFO. It was too fast making nimble tricks in air. Yet ufologists were wrong: there were no alien flying dishes. It was just the testing of latest model of unique unmanned aircraft “Moshkarets” developed by Belarusian and Russian scientists. While army representatives invited to the demonstration discussed the opportunities of the new plane, inventors told us about the novelty:

— Photo and video camera installed on board of the little thing (the aircraft weighs about 2.5kg — author) transfer images real-time. The plane is controlled by remote control device. And the onboard computer with satellite positioning system indicates speed, coordinates and altitude. Who can use it? Border guards can catch unlawful migrants or military men can direct reconnaissance. Rescue teams can have operative information about fires or ice jams. And it is irreplaceable for agriculture as it can help to learn where seeds are broken or do not come up.

First unmanned aircrafts were used by Israel during its war against Arab nations. This was sensation! Raved Soviet generals were anxious about making a similar one. After nearly 30 years of aircraft modeling boom experts from Moscow and “Molodechno Telecommunications” closed company embodied their dream in radar-invisible, soundless and, which is most important, sharp-sighted unmanned aircraft. Moscow team invented the construction and the Belarusian party worked upon the electronic stuffing.


Weight — from 2.5kg. Wingspan — 2m. Maximum speed — 200 km/h. Price — about $22 000. Battery charge is enough for 1 hour of continuous flight.
…The little “Moshkarets” gives a violent start and hovers in the sky. News photographers can hardly find it with their cameras.

— Do you see: it spotted us, — Sergei Smantser, vice chief of “MTC” design bureau, points at the display. — The image is saved in hard disk and can be analyzed afterwards. And none even most powerful radar can detect our plane.

I lift up my head. Really, the aircraft is invisible in the sky. And the display shows cars, roads and people as plain as the nose on a face. I even recognize myself among the group of reporters.
— Yes, this toy gives serious opportunities: its usual speed is 150–180km/h, it can easily climb up to 1 km high, is controlled from up to 40 km distance, — Sergei Kuznetsov, deputy director of “MTC” enumerates the advantages.

As a matter of fact, the unmanned plane is a digital camera and an observation post united in one body. It can be literally stuffed with all kinds of sensors. And woe are those who like to blast along the road at orbital speed! And the flying spy can be programmed to search stolen autos, or lost tourists. Just install a thermal sensor and you will need not then to comb the wild. Or set up a program and patrol along the border. The plane can also be useful to municipal services… A very helpful toy!
It is controlled as simple as computer races and, which is most important, it doesn’t risk human lives.

by Alexander Tumar
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