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“Rough copy” of the future international air show will be broken in not far from Minsk
“Rough copy” of the future international air show will be broken in not far from Minsk.

In France — Le Bourget, in Russia — “MAX” (Zhukovsky), in Germany — “ILA” (Berlin), in England — Farnborough (Hampshire)... In Belarus — Zaslavl (an old town near Minsk). Exactly here in July the first national air show “Minsk-Aero-2008” will take place. For those who like jollies and bright shows — a tempting gimnick. This is a reason for thoughts for the specialists: all leading world air shows started exactly from demonstration of planes and demonstration flights in residential suburbs. 

— One day somebody has to begin something new, — says Alexander Metla, the director of the charitable fund “Memory of Afghan”. — The contract with an operator of the airspace saloon “MAX” (Russia) OJSC “Aviasalon” and Belarusian CJSC “SolMediaGran” was signed. Remaining months will be spent for a technical working out and preparation of this project. 

For a scale of the event, which the organizers plan, they are short of time. This is not a joke: the guests from 20 countries were invited to the air show. Demonstration of military, civil and sport aviation of Belarus is in the flight program. Performances of paratroopers and demonstration flights of world famous pilot groups: “Russian knights”, “Swifts” and “Belaya Rus”.

— For the first time in the history of the country here will be held an open-air navigation cup “Belarus Open”. 30 teams from Russia, Ukraine, the states of the European Union are invited, and also the international judging panel. We don’t pursue the number of participants: the main thing is the competition to be held on a high level and it to be perfect technically, — considers Sergey Soloviev, the general director of CJSC “SolMediaGran”. — The guests will be able to visit an exposition, dedicated to the history of aviation industry of Belarus, to take part in charitable acts and to congratulate the veterans. 

This is a rough attempt to break in the future international air show near Minsk, — says Anton Zdunkevich, deputy general director of “Aviasalon” (operator of the airspace saloon “MAX”). — This is how it started in Moscow: firstly, in Zhukovskoe in 1992 an air show was held, in a year there the first air show was held. Today Russian “MAX” is among the leading air forums of the world, where the representatives of 39 countries gathered for the last time. There are all conditions in Belarus to open our own international air show, where new samples of aeromechanic will be exhibited and contracts will be concluded. A pilot exhibition hall will open in July of this year.

At the picture: Russian international air show “MAX” in its time started from the air show in Zhukovskoe.

Ivan Tsvirko
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