Advanced technologies are priority

Time capsule is laid in foundations of high-strength iron casting factory, in Stolbtsy
By Vladimir Khromov

The project is estimated to cost 110m Euros, being implemented in two phases. The first is scheduled to become operational in 2014, with the second ready by 2017. Annually, the factory should produce 50,000 tonnes of iron castings, from high-durability iron.

The PM notes that the project will be a landmark for Belarusian production, using the world’s latest technologies. “Three quarters of the cost of this remarkable, high-tech enterprise is spent on cutting-edge equipment,” he underlines. “This means new technologies, highly qualified personnel and high salaries for those working there.”

The new enterprise will be significant in focusing on import-substitution, saving about $25m per annum and satisfying the needs of Minsk Motor Plant and its allied industries. The PM adds that the Minsk satellite of Stolbtsy has been chosen because of its ‘good communications and labour force’.

The project is set to improve the quality of Belarus-made engines while expanding their export.
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