Advanced aerobatics

As freestyle jumping emotions from World Cup round remain fresh, Belarus again welcomes freestyle jumpers

By Kirill Karin

In Raubichi, two European Cup medals were forthcoming for Belarus. Anna Guskova, 18, demonstrated a complicated and flawless programme, leaving her opponents standing. Ukrainian Anastasia Novosad and upcoming Belarusian Alexandra Romanovskaya, 14, also claimed medals, the latter being unexpectedly talented for her age.

Among the men, on the first day of the tournament, recent World Cup bronze-holder Denis Osipov and team mate Maxim Gustik affected confident jumps, only separated by two points, with Osipov leading. Ruslan Ablyafitov of Kazakhstan closed the top three.

On the second day of the competition, Denis failed in his first attempt, leaving him in sixth place. However, Gustik proved a real joy to local fans; with two smooth jumps, he earned a considerable number of points, sharing his place on the podium with Ablyafitov and Ukrainian Nikolay Puzderko.

After six rounds of the European Cup, Anna Guskova leads the women while Denis Osipov is positioned second.

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