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Alexander Lukashenko accepted a report from Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich on the fulfilment of instructions, previously given by the President

By Vladimir Khromov

Alexander Lukashenko accepted a report from Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich on the fulfilment of instructions, previously given by the President. Moreover, they tackled the issue of the transit of goods from other countries through Belarus to Russian territory.

Mr. Lukashenko emphasised that in this issue, Belarus follows the agreement achieved during a recent phone conversation with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. In particular, Mr. Putin informed about economic measures which Russia took in relation to certain categories of products imported from countries that imposed sanctions against Russian organisations and citizens.

“In the phone conversation with the President of Russia, we’ve discussed the protection, as he said, of the Russian market,” noted the Head of State. “It means that we should fulfil our obligations to protect the Union State market (we have the common customs in the customs space) regarding the transit of goods from the West to Russia via Belarus. As Russia closed its market for certain goods, we should not allow the transit of these products to Russia via Belarus.”

Mr. Lukashenko said that he gave corresponding instructions to customs bodies. He also stressed that the Belarusian side acts reasonably and in normal course.

“With regard to our domestic market, we’ve already had a discussion of this issue. This is our internal matter. If we need Polish apples, we buy them, not for Russia, but for domestic consumption. If we need some German delicacies, we buy them, but also for our domestic consumption. If we need something to process, we buy it and process,” explained the President. He also underlined that ‘in this regard, we must be honest and conduct, as we promised, an honest policy towards Russia’.

In addition, the Head of State drew Mr. Myasnikovich’s attention to the long queues at the border and asked him to take care of the people who are there now.

“The ban was imposed suddenly and without warning. A number of vehicles, including trucks with perishable products, got stuck on the border. There is no need to mistreat these people. Firstly, these are our and Russian forwarders — drivers and freight forwarders. Secondly, the goods have been paid for and contracted. Thirdly, it would not be right to mistreat these people,” believes Mr. Lukashenko.

The President said that he gave some instructions to the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, “If a supplier was going to Russia and his goods fell under the ban, we need to suggest that he sells his goods in our country or process these goods. We need to be fair towards western suppliers, and resolve this situation in a decent manner. I think that this will not be to the detriment of Russia and this is not inconsistent with the obligations we’ve agreed upon.”
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