Acquaintance promises to be interesting

Vitebsk’s Regional Museum displays military technique from private collection

By Sergey Kochetov

The exhibition is the result of co-operation between museum employees and modelling enthusiast Dmitry Kirillov, who is eagerly presenting exhibits from his own collection. The display includes military maps from 1941-1944. The event aims to show the technical equipment used by German and Soviet troops during WWII, with a model of a legendary KV-2 heavy artillery tank among the most impressive. According to Mr. Kirillov, the tank was to be used during the defence of Vitebsk. Photos of a prototype were found in the archive, from which he constructed the model.

The exhibition opens a range of events in the regional centre dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War. During the year, Vitebsk’s museum plans to organise a series of exhibitions and a scientific conference, in addition to a range of public and cultural campaigns connected with this tragic date in our history.
Vitebsk’s Regional Museum was named in honour of Minai Shmyrev, a partisan brigade commander and Hero of the Soviet Union.

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