Accents placed and goals outlined

By 2015, Belarus’ export of goods and services should more than double

By Lyudmila Savenkova

The draft National Export Promotion Programme for 2011-2015 has been considered at a governmental session. “Our primary goal is to boost the export of goods and services,” noted Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov. He believes the problem of the negative trade balance in goods and services is the second most pressing.

Mr. Martynov explained that experts at the National Academy of Sciences agree with industry specialists that Belarus could achieve a trade surplus by 2014. “More precisely, by 2014, we could balance foreign trade. From 2015, we could have a surplus of about $500m,” asserted Mr. Martynov. He also stressed that turning these figures into reality will require a careful approach to the import of goods and services. In this regard, the programme envisages export growth outpacing import growth.

The official emphasised that the Export Promotion Programme for 2011-2015 is designed to balance state and regional priorities with goals set by various industries to boost the export of goods and services. “The programme is orienting industries towards particular countries and regions over the next five years,” Mr. Martynov added.

The programme envisages the development of new export-oriented manufacture, increasing foreign currency revenue and raising foreign direct investment into production modernisation. This will enhance the export potential of the national economy, increasing the share of high-tech products with higher value added. Additionally, the geography of exports is to be diversified.

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