Abundance of life

Unfortunately, human life is limited. This is reality and we have to reckon it. However, life expectancy issues are more and more topical
Unfortunately, human life is limited. This is reality and we have to reckon it. However, life expectancy issues are more and more topical. More medical, social and demography resources to address these issues have appeared. There are regions of the world where this parameter is the highest. It is widely known that high life expectancy has become steady in Japan recently. Growth trends exist in other countries, too. Besides, today male Belarusians live almost 2 times longer than their ancestors 4 centuries ago. And it turned out that there are about one thousand long livers in Belarus. Anna Borisevich, the oldest Belarus citizen, has even set a record recently: she decided to undergo an ophthalmological operation in her 117 and after four years of blindness she can see now. This fact was international sensation as the Belarusian long-liver became the oldest surgical patient. The uniqueness is not only in this fact but also that Belarusian medics performed such unusual operation successfully.

The problem of ageing and its reasons concern many today. There is a separate scientific branch that addresses problems of the elderly generation in Belarus. They are about two million in our country already. Therefore scientists have much to research and, probably, discover. Those of discoveries that are of applied character would help making life longer and more comfortable. This issue of our magazine has several articles concerning this vital topic.

Today Belarus is becoming an attractive place for many creative applications. Undoubtedly, final decision on establishment of Park of high technology was the major event of the month. It is too early to say whether the “Silicon Valley” will become a real Mecca for advanced programmers and computer experts. Yet the start is impressive and its attractiveness is based on real conditions that will allow creating newest software in Minsk. There is already a location dedicated for the new high tech village, so there isn’t much left to do — just yield final products. No matter who will be the first in this race: Belarusian scientists or their foreign counterparts. It is important that this will happen in Belarus, where favorable competition conditions are present. Read about the reality and promises of Belarusian international high technology in this issue.

Meanwhile there are examples when foreigners come to Belarus to learn and approve themselves, in art, for example. Belarusian ballet school is so highly recognized that many beginners wish to come here for training. Yuka Miyake from Japan was among those who thought Minsk was the best place to advance her ballet mastery. Recognized Belarusian ballet experts coach her in the Belarusian capital. Yuka Miyake gave an interview to our reporter and shared her impressions from staying in Minsk.

This was a preview of major topics of this issue. All these pertain life in its numerous manifestations.

Victor Kharkov
Editor of “Беларусь.Belarus”
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