About country and problems of world policy

Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to the agency RIA “Novosti” and to the TV-channel “Russia Today”
Recently, the residence of the President have visited correspondents of many informational agencies, newspapers and TV-channels of Europe, Asia and America, periodically the groups of journalists from Russia and Ukraine come in big delegations. Lately Alexander Lukashenko answered the questions of one of the biggest Russian informational agencies “Novosti” and a Moscow English-speaking TV-channel “Russia Today”.

A reason for the interview became the informational CIS summit, which took place in Moscow. However, Moscow journalists asked Alexander Lukashenko about the Union State and gas contradictions with Russia, about relations with the West and foreign investments etc. They also touched upon the most topical question of world policy as of today — proclamation of independence of Kosovo. This is the point of view of Alexander Lukashenko: “Today I can tell to those, who regretted and were against bombing of Yugoslavia: we tackled the problem late, didn’t we? They shouldn’t have admitted the division of the Balkans, then we shouldn’t have had to protect Yugoslavia. We had everything necessary for this with Russia. Today it is late... The process started long ago, and it still goes on. Montenegro went away, other republics went away. Kosovo remained. This is a continuation of that split-up. Can we influence this process? No, we can’t, let’s tell about this sincerely. But the problems are not being solved like this. In this context Europe behaves (I don’t talk about the Americans) unsound even in our European home. Sheer double standards”.

Having shared his vision of the future of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko noted: “I see my country a stable state, in 10 years here will live not 10, but 13 million people, God grant. I would like more people live here, Belarus to be a rich country, I would like it to be a state with a young face, in order here to be more young people”.
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