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Chairman of Bereza District Executive Committee, Yuri Narkevich, chats about one of the most dynamically developing districts in Belarus

Able to work and to relax

In Soviet times, the district was known far beyond Belarus. Now, it exports goods to 28 countries worldwide and is known for more than just cheeses and sausages.

Beautiful cityscape of Bereza
Beautiful cityscape of Bereza

In the past year, we’ve sent goods worth more than $240 million to foreign markets. Only Brest has sold more. In terms of industrial production, the district is third in the region after Brest and Baranovichi. Every third kilo of cheese and fourth kilo of butter produced in the Brest Region is from Bereza.

On business trips to the Bereza District, I’ve never seen an abandoned farm, as often happens elsewhere.

We support houses in villages and outdated farms, funding not only from enterprises but from the budget. In 2014, we harvested a record grain yield for our district: 43 centners per hectare. Meanwhile, we plan to construct new complexes for livestock, building on our existing 17 modern dairy farms, which have computerised milking halls. Our milk yields are rising annually, with 5,679 litres collected from our cows last year.

There’s much of interest in Zditovo agro town.

Zditovo, like many other villages in the Bereza District, is an example of co-operation between institutions of education and culture, and local authorities and villagers. It is a modern village, offering a decent quality of life. Village schooling rivals that of cities these days. For the past four years, our district has led among rural districts in the region for its number of school graduates admitted to university. We’ve created the necessary conditions not only for education but for recreation and the following of a healthy lifestyle. We have an ice rink, a swimming pool, stadiums, and a rowing club. Schools offer children all manner of encouragement.

By Valentina Kozlovich
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