A Belarus-France project was introduced in Minsk by “Molodaya Belarus” orchestra
The band led by Prof. Mikhail Kozinets, president of Belarusian Academy of music, performed together with famous French oboe player and conductor Jean-Cristophe Gaio in concert hall of the academy (leading music higher education institution in the country).

On this night you could enjoy concerto for two pianos and orchestra by French composer Eric Vozhelen. Andrej Sikorsky and Ivan Stepantsov performed solo parts. After the break the French guest played solo in concerto A-dur for oboe and orchestra by German composer Georg Philipp Teleman, and conducted symphony #8 D-moll (“Unfinished”) by Austrian composer Franz Schubert.

Arranging various creative events with participation of foreign guests is now among activities of Belarusian State Academy of music.
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