A place, where ideal wives are trained

The graduates of the “School of a young wife” always look good, don’t “pick” at their husbands, understand numerology and can cook the dinner from three courses during half an hour
The graduates of the “School of a young wife” always look good, don’t “pick” at their husbands, understand numerology and can cook the dinner from three courses during half an hour.

Lessons of relations

Girls and young women visit unusual courses on training of modern wives, opened in the Republican institute of professional education, in different ways. Some of them come to “school” by their own wish, husbands bring the others. They have the same goal — to learn everything, that is necessary for a modern wife.
— Obstinate girls studied on our courses, they were not able to circumlocutionize, liked to argue, to shout, — recollects the course curator Liud­mila Pliakina. — It was very difficult for their relatives to rub along with them! For example, one “pupil” was enormously talkative and she often “picked” at her husband. After three months of study with our specialists she admitted, that she became more reserved and less quarrelsome with her husband. He was very glad with the results — came to us, said thanks.
Expert specialists work at external and internal changes of “young wives”, among which, besides, there are unmarried and divorced ladies. During the first two weeks of a three-month course with women works a family system psychotherapist Marina Baranovskaya. Exactly after her lectures and trainings the girls often change noticeably.
— I like classes with a psychologist in the “School of a young woman”, — says 38 year-old Diana, one of the visitors of the course. — Knowledge about the family, which is given there, are priceless! There is no such a mother, which would teach something that we teach with the specialists. I learned to love and estimate myself, to see a person, which is near me. Exactly a live person, and not my conception of him. The biggest discovery for me became the fact, that none of the girls, which studied in the same group with me, could really listen to the other. In the families a dialogue is also built: one said, the other guessed in his own way. From here come scandals and conflicts. And just to learn to listen to a person and to express your feelings to him openly is not difficult. It’s a pity, that ten years ago there was not a “School of a young wife”. Possibly, I would have made fewer mistakes...

Outside and inside

An ideal wife has an ideal appearance. Is it regular? However, it doesn’t mean, that they try to change the girls from the “School of a young wife” into animage of Angelina Jolie or Giselle Bundchen. It’s useless. A professional stylist or a make-up designer says, how to find a “zest” in the appearance and to emphasize it advantageously. A result, as it is said, right side up. After the stylist’s and make-up designer’s advices the girls look differently, they buy the clothes of such colours, which they wouldn’t wear earlier. They become beauties!
In parallel a sexpert and a gynecologist teach the girls. The “young wives” trust these specialists very much. Apart from this, a psychologist tells the girls, how to improve the relations with their children, and a designer and a specialist on room planting of greenery teach to form a flat with taste.
Besides, let’s talk about taste. Even few “experienced” wives can boast of ability to cook four culinary masterpieces just in half an hour, and the girls, which graduated from this “school”, are able to do this. A teacher of cookery not only shares with “young wives” kitchen wisdom, but also shows, how to serve a table, in order it corresponded to the holiday.
— There is peculiar table layout for each event, — says the curator of the course Liudmila Pliakina. — For example, a birthday of the child you can form in a marine style: to choose a corresponding tablecloth, crockery, to compose the napkins in form of the ships, to decorate the table with shells. Our teacher of culinary has rich fantasy, she advises, how to make the festival unforgettable. Besides, some graduates told us, that those who came to them to celebrate the New Year, were surprised with tasty “restaurant” dishes and interesting table layout. The guests and relatives didn’t expect such mastery!

What is in your name?

Only three hours are allocated for this topic in the “school”. It, in opinion of the curator of the course, and “young wives”, will surely be of use. Taking into account the peculiarities of numerology, you can correctly choose a name for the child. Unfortunately, the majority of parents call a newly born in such a way, that the name would be fashionable and beautiful. Few people think, that each name has its energetics and it greatly influences the life of a person. In the “School of young wives” teach to calculate by the name the code of the name, to understand, which features of character, which energy is behind this or that number.
— I am sure, — says Liudmila Pliakina, — after the classes on numerology the girls will name their children in such a way, that they will be happy.
This is an unusual, unaccustomed, but, undoubtedly, useful course of study for not only young wives, but also for all women. No wonder, that the Institute of International Cooperation of the German association of National Universities (IIZ/DVV) interested with the “School of a young wife”. The members of this organization offered to create joint projects to the Republican Institute of professional education. So, possibly, soon in Minsk will appear several interesting courses, necessary for a happy life.

Irina Tugarina
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