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A landmark project

Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopaedia Publishing House plans to release Diplomat’s Guide
Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopaedia Publishing House plans to release Diplomat’s Guide

This year, the Belarusian encyclopaedic diplomatic guide is to be released jointly by the Foreign Ministry of Belarus and the Belarusian State University’s International Relations Faculty. “This book will show that diplomacy has been active in Belarus since the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It will provide information about the major achievements of diplomacy in both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Contemporary Belarusian diplomacy has also achieved significant results and this will be reflected in the book,” explains the Director of the Publishing House, Vladimir Andrievich.

In the Year of Culture, the publishers will be preparing for the 500th anniversary of the publication of the Bible by the Belarusian Frantsisk Skorina (to be celebrated in 2017), several landmark projects are scheduled for this event. In particular, the Editor-in-Chief, Larisa Yazykovich, noted that it’s high time an encyclopaedia was published dedicated to the first printer. A detailed volume was released 25 years ago and is already out-of-date, so a new version is being prepared.

Another book, dedicated to Skorina, will appear as part of the Encyclopaedia of Rarities series, being prepared together with the National Library of Belarus and dedicated to the world heritage of the first printer and his books, which are kept in the libraries of other countries. “This will be an illustrated edition in the Belarusian and English languages,” adds Ms. Yazykovich.

Moreover, editions from the children’s encyclopaedia series will also be devoted to Frantsisk Skorina.

By Anastasia Sheveleva
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