90 per cent of 800 Belarusian long-living persons are women
800 Belarus citizens have crossed the 100 years line. 69 of them were born in the 19th century. According to data from Ministry of labor and social protection, 21 Belarus citizens are older than 110 years, as of June 1st this year.

Male long-livers are only 11.5% among all. Women prevail both in quantity and in age.

Thus, Anna Adamovna Borisevich from Minsk celebrated her 117th birthday on July 1. Alexandra Yakovlevna Okosotko from Stolin district, Brest region, will celebrate same age in October. Anna Pavlovna Ragel from Molodechno, Minsk region, is 116. Mikhail Afanasievich Volodkevich, another Molodechno resident, is the oldest among men with his 108 years.

Grodno region ranks first in number of long-living persons (191 persons over 100 years of age), Minsk region stands second (159) and Vitebsk region is the third (129).
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