A bright spot in everyday routine

A painting exhibition by Yelena Shlegel and a ceramics exhibition by Irina Kovalenko opened at Minsk Contemporary Fine Art Museum
The exhibition counts over 30 works by the young authors. Paintings by Yelena Shlegel revive Biblical Judith, legendary Atlantis, which has been sought for by deep sea explorers for ages, as well as an ivory tower packed with brilliant fantasies of the young painter.

Ceramics by Irina Kovalenko represents a unity of architectural fragments and biological forms. It demonstrates modern variations to the tune of the world mythology.

Museum director, People’s Painter of Belarus Vasiliy Sharangovich pointed out the high creative level of the young authors’ art, who found their individualities. “This inspiring exposition testifies to the harmony of fantasy and talent based on the genetic memory of ancestors and contemporary interpretation, which reaches for everybody’s feelings”, said Vasiliy Sharangovich. He reckons, the unity of painting and applied arts in one exposition allows revealing peculiarities of each of the kinds of art.

According to People’s Painter of Belarus Gavriil Vaschenko, many men-painters should envy the works by Yelena and Irina, who “managed to create merry, inspiring and kind masterpieces”. “They have managed to overcome the difficulties, which are innate in every young painter, and raised their voice by individual works and the personal exhibition”, said Gavriil Vaschenko.

People’s Painter of Belarus Leonid Shmelev noted, by their plots, forms and colours, the exposition’s authors created a festive mood, which allows viewers to wipe away the dust of everyday life, to dream and feel like a creator.
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