3D hologram allows neurosurgeons to ‘walk through’ brains

Neuroscientists complete a hologram which could one day allow doctors to peer into a complete 3D image of their patient’s brain
The hologram is the next step forward from MRI scans. Taking a walk inside your brain sounds like science fiction, but this hologram takes us a step closer, according to the researchers who created it.

The team at 3D developers Holoxica in Scotland claim this is the first ever 3D digital hologram of the human brain fibre connections. Developers say a hologram of a healthy brain was made via a technique called ‘Fibre Tractography’ which tracks nerve fibre pathways inside the brain by measuring the movement of water molecules in the brain’s white matter. Developers claim the use of holograms will have a profound impact on medical science allowing clinicians to identify, diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological conditions.

The 3D holographic display was backed with cash from the EU’s Research and Innovation budget.
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