19th century palace added to cultural heritage

At auction, Russian investor buys manor originally built for French actress: 19th century Biszewski estate in Lyntupy

By Darya Kurilova

The Biszewski estate and park ensemble in the Postavy district comprises a manor, outbuildings, a bridge, a park, a chapel and three ponds. Moscow’s Russian Tradition has set up a limited liability company to implement the project, planning to build cultural and recuperative facilities over the next three years on the site. The investor has signed conservation obligations, committing to preserve the monument, which is registered on the State List of Historical and Cultural Values.

According to legend, nobleman Jozef Biszewski constructed the manor for his beloved: a French actress. It’s not known whether she actually visited the house, but each room was unique. The interiors amazed everyone with their luxury. The basements remain full of mysteries, with countless ancient family treasures still being unearthed.

Specialists believe that it’s impossible to preserve this most interesting monument for our descendants without involving an investor. Attempts were made in 1991 to restore the site but lack of funds prevented action, with the estate falling into disrepair. Even excursions stopped visiting. Now, specialists are confident that the site will become a popular cultural treasure.

At present, eight other manors and estates await investors, in the Verkhnedvinsk, Beshenkovichi and Braslav districts.

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