“Display” named global leader

Belarus confirms its priorities at International Sci-Tech forum<br />
The international exhibition “High Technologies of the 21st Century” was held in Moscow for the seventh time, and Belarus took an active part in the forum to prove once again that scientific and technical breakthrough may not be sporadic, but schedulable. The key task of the annual exhibition in Russia’s capital city is not only to show the best achievements in high technologies, but also to prove that innovation projects based on technological breakthroughs are bound to be successful.

The Belarusian showcase was lit by dozens of TV screens and monitors. One could find it surprising, but Belarus outstripped the world leaders, the U.S. and Japan, in making information displays. As for special-purpose technical displays, Vitebsk engineers and designers are certainly second to none. Russia is glad to be using the achievements of its neighbor and ally.
The director of the Republican Unitary Company KB “Display”, Alexander Voitenkov, speaks to our correspondent.

— We have been making display media designed to operate in severe conditions for over 15 years now. We control most of the CIS’ market. The company took part in six previous exhibitions “High Technologies of the 21st Century”, and there was never a trip to Moscow without new contracts. We cooperate with 170 companies from Russia, which means our research and developments are profitable both for Belarus and Russia. Besides, our products reduce dependence on foreign makers.

Of course we are using the developments and components of companies from Western Europe, the U.S. and Japan, but our output may be labeled “Made in Belarus” with no hesitation. Only the U.S. and Belgium make better displays. Belarusian products are even more reliable than their American analogues, and the quality is the same. “Display”’s displays are three times cheaper than American devices, but we provide a five-year warranty period, five times as much as Americans. The state-of-the-art Russian fighters are using Belarusian displays. We provide a higher resolution — 480 per 480 dpi, while last generation American displays cannot go higher than 300 per 300 dpi. We have created a 13-meter display for the Defense Ministry with a resolution of 2,500 per 2,500 dpi. These are high technologies at their best.

…The technical displays were surrounded by the latest models of “Horizont” televisions, marked by tasteful designs and top quality displays that can easily compete with Japanese displays. Visitors and business guests were swarming near the Belarusian showcase. Belarus’ modern technologies may easily be called “high”, but the intellectual potential of the nation is still higher, so the real breakthrough into the 21st century is ahead.
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